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Disclaimer: The Library is not liable for the materials accessed via the internet that users find controversial.  The internet may contain materials that are inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, or potentially objectionable to some people.  The Library and its staff cannot possibly control all of the material on the internet.  User Discretion is advised when using the internet.


Use of the library computers is a privilege and access is conditioned upon the users compliance with our Computer Use Policy


Inappropriate computer use includes but is not limited to:

  1. Accessing, transmitting, uploading, downloading, or distributing pornographic, obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit material.

  2. Violating any local, state, or federal statute.

  3. Vandalizing, damaging, or disabling the property of another individual or organization.

  4. Violating copyright or otherwise using intellectual property of another individual or organization without permission.

  5. Making any attempt to damage computer hardware or software.

  6. Making any attempts to alter computer software.

  7. Respect the privacy of others by not misrepresenting yourself as another user.

  8. One may not attempt to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others, and by not seeking unauthorized access to any computer system, or damaging or altering software components of any network or database.

Staff Assistance: The library staff provides limited assistance for basic start up procedures.  There are many books available about computers and certain software if one needs information on these subjects.

Indemnity: The Attica Public Library makes no warranties of any kind neither expressed nor implied, for the computer access it is providing. The library is not responsible for the accuracy, nature or quality of gathered through library-provided internet access. In consideration of the Attica Public Library providing users with access to computers and the internet, users agree to hold the library harmless and agree to indemnify the library from any and all liability arising out of the user’s use of Library’s computers and internet services.

Limitation of Liability: All Users acknowledge that they have read and understand the Attica Public Library Computer Use Policy by signing the computer log. The user also agrees that the Attica Public Library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to the user’s data or for any damage or injury resulting from invasion of privacy in the user’s computer accounts, programs, or files.

Updated  3/2021



Section 1.1 Purpose:

The purposes of the Attica Public Library are: to promote, develop, and   maintain public library services in a such a manner as to meet the needs and expectations of patrons who reside in the Attica Public Library district and of others who are entitled to use these services, and to cooperate with other governmental agencies within the library district, such as public school libraries, to provide library services.

Section 1.2

The library is operated for the benefit of individuals and groups of all ages.

Section 1.3

The needs and expectations of the patrons are met by the collection and organization of books and other media, and dissemination of the knowledge contained therein through reference, loan, and related services.

Section 1.4

These services are provided by a library supported by taxes paid by those who reside within the district and by membership fees paid by users who reside outside the district.


Section 2.1 Public Participation- District Residents:

The services of the Attica Public Library shall be open to all residents of the district who have registered with the Library. Such services shall be free of charge.  The patron shall present an Attica Public Library card upon request.


Section 2.2 Fees for Non-District Patrons

The Board of Trustees shall establish a yearly monetary fee for library services to patrons who are not residents of the district. Upon payment of such fees to the Library, the services of the Library shall be available to the non-district residents.


Section 2.3 State of Indiana Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement:

Services shall be available free of charge to persons who present a valid card from another public library within the State of Indiana which is a signatory to the reciprocal borrowing agreement.


Section 2.4 Hours

Monday and Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday: Closed


a. The library is closed on the following holidays New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

b. The library will close at 2:00 PM on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve if these fall on a day other than Sunday. The library will close on Thanksgiving Eve at 6:00 PM.

c. If a holiday falls on a Sunday the library will be closed the following Monday.


Section 2.5 Charges for Lost Books and Overdue Books:

The Attica Public Library is a member of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium and uses their Fine and Fee Schedule.

a. Fines on all materials .25 up to $10.00 per item.

b. Processing for lost books $10.00 + Replacement costs.


Section 2.6 Inter-Library Cooperation:

The Attica Public Library shall cooperate with other public libraries within the State of Indiana in order to expand its library services.


Section 2.7 Inter-Agency Cooperation:

The Attica Public Library shall cooperate with other governmental agencies, such as schools, within the district in order to better provide library services to the district residents.


Section 2.8 Friends of the Library:

  1. The Board of Trustees acknowledges the service given to the Library by the Friends of the Attica Public Library, a Library auxiliary organization.

  2. The Friends of the Library provide a range of services to the Library including fundraisers to provide new equipment and assistance with special Library events.

  3. The Board of Trustees encourages the development of this organization.



Section 3.1

All gifts and memorials made to the library shall be accepted at the Director’s discretion in the Attica Public Library name and held and disbursed in accordance with law.



Section 4.1 Fire:

Employees are to clear the building of patrons and staff as quickly and calmly as possible.  The nearest exit should be used if possible.  Exit 1 is located on the west side of the building facing Perry Street, Exit 2 is located on the south side of the building facing Washington Street, and Exit 3 is located on the east side of the building facing the alley.


Section 4.2 Tornado:

Employees are to encourage patrons to take shelter in the basement.

Section 4.3 Medical

Employees are to call 911 for a patron with an emergency.



Section 5.1 Purchasing Agency:

The Attica Public Library Board is a governmental body that is authorized to enter into contracts under the Indiana Public Purchasing Law.  The Attica Public Library Board is the “Purchasing Agency.”


Section 5.2 Purchasing Agent:

The “Purchasing Agent” of the Attica Public Library is the Director of the Library. The Director may authorize other staff members to make purchases as necessary.

a. The Purchasing Agent(s) may purchase supplies and equipment costing up to $500.  Any supplies and equipment costing more than $500 requires the approval of the Attica Public Library Board of Directors.  This provision excludes “library materials”, those items purchased for the use of the library clientele.  All purchases under $50,000 will be made on the open market.  All items costing between $50,000 and $150,000 will be purchased only after inviting three quotes from persons known to deal in the lines of classes of supplies to be purchased unless another procedure is authorized by statute.

b. In accordance with state statute, all items costing over $150,000 will be purchased following competitive bidding procedures unless another procedure is authorized by stature. The Attica Public Library will follow all the proper steps for competitive bidding procedures or the inviting of quotes as required by statute or by the guidelines of the appropriate state agency.

c. The Board of Trustees or the Purchasing Agent(s) will Purchase services on the basis of provisions of the contract, cost, experience of the officer or any other factor deemed appropriate to the services being purchased

d. Contractors must have a certificate of insurance or sign a waiver.


Section 5.3 Credit Card:

The Attica Public Library’s Director, Assistant Librarian, and Children’s Librarian are authorized credit card users.  The Director may authorize other staff members for use when necessary.  The Attica Public Library’s credit card may be used for the following:

a. Convention, conference, and workshop expenses: Reserving hotel rooms, paying for registration fees, and meals where appropriate. A reasonable tip or gratuity is allowable where service has been provided. Personal expenses are not allowed.

b. Purchasing supplies and materials in stores and through mail order.

c. Materials are to be used for the library or library sponsored programs.

d. Receipts or invoices for expenses must be turned in to the    Director’s office within a week after purchase is made.

e. The credit cards will be issued by the Director and should be            returned to the Director’s office when asked.



Section 6.1

The purpose of the display case is to promote interest in the Attica Public Library. The displays are viewed by the public, children included. The Attica Public Library has the power to deny or terminate any display deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the library or community.


Section 6.2

Displays must comply with the Library’s policies, rules, and regulations.


Section 6.3

The display case may be scheduled in advance.


Section 6.4

All materials, even if of no value, must be removed by the owner on the final day of the display period. Materials left in the display case after that time are subject to disposal by the Attica Public Library.


Section 7.1

A proposed amendment to any of the policies of the Board of Trustees must be submitted in writing, signed by a member, and read at a regular meeting, and must lie over to the next regular meeting. A majority vote of the Board of Trustees is necessary to adopt an amendment.


Rev 9/12/17



Section 1.1

Guide Librarians in selecting material for the library.


Section 1.2

To inform the public about the principles upon which selections are made.



Section 2.1

“Selection” refers to the decision that must be made either to add material to the collection or to retain material already in the collection.



Section 3.1

To maintain a well-balanced and broad collection of materials for information, reference, and research.


Section 3.2

To support the democratic process by providing materials for the education and enlightenment of the community;


Section 3.3

To provide for the recreational and cultural needs of the community.



Section 4.1

The responsibility for selection lies with the Librarian(s), who operates within the guidelines determined by the Library Board of Trustees.


Section 4.2

The general public and staff members may recommend materials for consideration.



Section 5.1

Materials included in the Library collection shall include books, magazines, large print books, newspapers, selected government documents, paperback books, audio books, CD’s, DVD’s, and materials of local and historical interest.


Section 5.2

The Library shall not collect textbooks unless they contain information not easily obtained elsewhere.


Section 5.3

Approximately 30% of the amount budgeted for materials shall be spent in each of the following categories: children’s, adult fiction, adult nonfiction/ reference.


Section 5.4

The Library will participate in an active interlibrary loan program, as the Library budget will not permit the purchase of materials that have a very limited use.


Section 5.5

The Library is committed to complete access to all materials. It is an individual’s responsibility to decide what he or she will or will not find appropriate for his or her needs. In terms of access to materials by minor children, it is the parents’ moral and legal responsibility to monitor this activity, as it is the parents’ responsibility in other areas of a minor child’s life.


Section 5.6

Items are not excluded from the library because of the race or nationality or the social, political, or religious views of the author. The presence of an item in the collection does not mean the Library endorses the contents of the item.


Section 5.7

The library does not label any book or author as subversive, dangerous, or undesirable. The Board recognizes censorship is a purely individual matter and declares that, while anyone is free to reject for himself books and materials of which he or she does not approve, he or she cannot exercise this right of censorship to restrict the freedom of others to read.


Section 5.8

The Library does not place materials on “Closed Shelves” to protect the public from the content of the material. Other than reference materials, the only items on limited access are those which themselves need protection because of rarity, cost, susceptibility to loss or damage, fragility, or format unsuited to heavy use, or for special projects or community concerns, such as cooperation with the local schools in providing materials for student assignments.


Section 5.9

A continuous schedule of weeding (withdrawing) materials that are outdated and/or worn out shall be part of the Library procedures in order to maintain a current, up-to-date collection. Material condition, circulation record, and currency of information are taken into consideration in the weeding process.


Section 5.10

Gifts must meet the same criteria as purchased materials to be added to the Library collection. It is the Librarian’s prerogative to dispose of gifts and withdrawals as he/she sees fit.



Section 6.1 All materials

a. Relevance to community interests and needs

b. Price

c. Number and nature of requests from the public

d. Budgetary considerations

e. Physical format

f. Potential usefulness

g. Availability of materials elsewhere in the region

h. Placement on the top best sellers list

i. Clarity and readability


Section 6.2 Nonfiction

a. Authoritativeness

b. Accuracy

c. Importance of the subject matter to the collection

d. Timelessness or performance of the materials

e. Literary quality

f. Reputation and significance of author


Section 6.3 Fiction

In selecting fiction, the Library has not set up an arbitrary single standard of literary quality. The Library does seek out fiction with the following qualities.

 a. Writing should be acceptable literary quality

b. Characterization and plot well developed

c. Characterization and language that is essential to the whole

d. Popular appeal

e. Durability of the author


Section 6.4 Adult

a. Adult collections are chosen for persons 14 years of age and older

b. Selection must be as broad in scope as the interests and needs of the community. Besides aiming at variety and depth, it must recognize a wide variety of reading ability.


Section 6.5 Young Adult

The young adult fiction collection is for ages approximately 11-17. It is intended primarily as a bridge between the children and adult collections.


Section 6.6 Children

a. In selecting materials for children, the objective is to make available a collection that satisfies the informational, recreational, and cultural reading needs and potentials of children from preschool to age 14.

b. Materials are judged on their own literary and artistic merits, their contribution to the balance of the total collection, and the suitability of content and vocabulary to the age of the readers.

c. Children may also use young adult collections even though these materials have not been specifically selected for them.



Section 7.1

The following items will be accepted for local history collections

a. Any material pertaining to Attica, Fountain County, Warren County, and Indiana may be accepted.

b. Adding these materials to the collection is subject to the approval of the director.


REV 10/10/2017

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